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Drifters New York

2021 / 3:05 min

Drifters is about an entity in search of its origin and purpose.

Installation | Original Story | Stock Footage / Found Footage | 1920x1080 | 16:9 | Colour | Location New York, USA | Premiere September 29, The Shed, New York, USA


Exhibited At

The Shed New York, USA, September 29, 2021 - December 19, 2021



A Film by Drift, Sil van der Woerd | Production Drift, Studio Birthplace | Visual Effects & Post Production Method and Madness | Visual Effects Sup Wen Hao Tan | Visual Effects Artists Alex Scollay, Pinoy Reyes, Huzaifi Razali, Hisman Taufik, Abdul Rahman, Huiying Gob, Eugene Seah, Valmik Chavan | Score Vitaliy Zavadskyy | All Rights Reserved 2021 Drift  

About The Project

Drifters New York portrays the colossal floating blocks of concrete in New York.

The film is part of an exhibition of several Drifters ate The Shed.

The Shed

Exhibited at The Shed, New York, USA

September 29 - December 19, 2021

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