2004 / 2:57 min

Modern and classical merge in a sky-blue scenery at the first peep of dawn.

Short Film | Original Story | Filmed: Dec 2003 | Film: SD | 720x576 | 4:3 | Colour | Location: Arnhem, the Netherlands | Premiere: May, 2004, Arnhem, the Netherlands


Online: Youtube | Vimeo

Written & Directed by: Sil van der Woerd


Dance: Judith Naber


Light: Sil van der Woerd, Marlies Weeting, Elmar Noteboom | Music: Speedy J, Prokofiev | All Other: Sil van der Woerd

About The Project

I made Duet in the 3rd year of my study Fine art at The Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


In the film, I simply wanted to play with combining live action footage shot against a blue screen, with 3d animations. The idea was simple: to have dancer dance a duet with a flashlight, and replace the flashlight with the dragonfly to create an interaction.

Duet was the first short film that I released online on Youtube.


The dancer in the film, Judith Naber was my flatmate and friends, and together with some more friends we made this short film in two afternoons. Somehow it got featured on the international frontpage of Youtube, which still existed at the time, where it quickly gathered over a million views. This was a tremendous motivation to continue to make videos.