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Oliver Spalding

2018 / 5:05 min

Several children find themselves awake in the middle of the night in a world that is slowly falling apart. Epoch serves as a statement on the current state of our world and how we will leave it for our children.


Music Video | Original Story | Filmed May 26 - 28, 2017 | Film Alexa Mini | 1920x800 | 2:39 | Colour | Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Premiere January 15, 2018, Youtube

Best Music Video Festival Cortos Rodinia 2020, Valladolid, Spain | Outstanding Production Design Special Jury Award Autumn Shorts Film Fest 2018, Kentucky, USA

Written & Directed by Sil van der Woerd & Jorik Dozy | Producer Sean Lin, New Frontier Pictures | DoP Lennert Hillege | Lead Boy Harith Haziq | Lead Girl Chloe Luthi | AD Satpal Kaler | Focus Puller Ismail Abu Bakar | 2nd AC / Sound Nicholas Chin | 3rd AC Lester Raja | Gaffer Ariff Arafat | Best Boy Mohammad Ynus | Grip Azwan Dalnan | Data Wrangler Kenny Chua | Art Director Jayson Idia | Art Assistant Khovarasu Paramasivam, Talha Khan | Make-Up / Wardrobe Siti Sarah Ameera | BTS Skaiste Kazragyte | Equipment Rental Grace Chin | Production Assistant Wei Sheng, Michelle Dee | Edit Jorik Dozy, Sil van der Woerd | Visual Effects Sup Jorik Dozy | 3D Artist Junwei Puah, Hong Teo, Tim Smit, Alex Scollay, Safe Frame VFX, Jorik Dozy | Compositer Perry Yap, Jesus Diez Perez, Nicholas Caillier, Eugene Matthew Cheong, Onn Senye | Colorist Charles Bunnag, Technicolor, Sil van der Woerd | Sound Design Selle Sellink | Additional Cast Children Adilia Myra, Aimee Thompson, Gabriel Hadad-Larrieu, Irfan Salim, Liew Ming Jun | Man In Barbershop Faris Hadad-Larrieu | Cashier Skaiste Kazragyte | Restaurant Customers Jean Queralt, Mary Jul dela cruz Bagsit, Michelle Dee Nonis, Mr Wong, Olivia Luthi, Siti Sakinah, Siti Sarah Ameera, Skaiste Kazragyte, Wei Sheng | Father Mohd Rasim Bin Saher | Mother Olivia Luthi | Man In Elevator Muhammad Anwar Shariff | People In Corridor Jorik Dozy, Siew Weng Onn, Talha Khan | Music ‘Epoch’ by Oliver Spalding | Music Producer Ed Tullet | Record Label Kim Harrison-Lavoie Monotreme Records | Music Video Commissioner Marisa Garner Associates | Thanks To Debbie Leisink, Mohd Rasim Bin Saher, Alex Scollay | Dedicated To Sam, Mees | All Rights Reserved 2017 Oliver Spalding and Ed Tullett, Monotreme Records Ltd.

About The Project

'Epoch' charters the story of the world slowly dying, having been neglected by irresponsible adults, and leaving the children to face the consequences.

The video shows the children running through the streets in search of answers as buildings start to collapse around them – all this while, the adults are sound asleep.

Together with director Jorik Dozy, I set out to make a video about climate change, the story of our time.

We wanted to show the nightmare version of our future world that will be if we, the adults, don’t wake up.


The video was shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where producer Sean Lin spent many nights scouting the perfect locations for the derelict world that we envisioned.

The final moments of Epoch depict a chunk of dense city adrift in the ocean, with buildings breaking off its edge that plummet into the rising water, referring to the melting of the polar ice caps. For this, we completely re-created the Malaysian buildings and streets digitally, in great detail.

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