2016 / 9:23 min

Growth portrays the rise and downfall of a family over the course of 20 years, in one living room, in a single shot.

Short Film | Original Story | Filmed: June 19 - 23, 2016 | Film: Red Epic | 1920x800 | 2:39 | Colour | Location: Den Oever, the Netherlands | Premiere: September 27, 2016, Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, the Netherlands


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Directed by: Sil van der Woerd | Scenario: Philip Delmaar | Concept: Sil van der Woerd | Producer: Oak Motion Pictures, Trent | Dir. of Photography: Lennert Hillege | Production Designer: Romke Faber | Edit: Sil van der Woerd | Sound Designer: Selle Sellink | Styling: Ingrid Schagen | Make Up: Marieke Stienen | Casting: Saida van de Reijd, Danielle de Lange, Elske Falkena

Cast: Mother: Medi Broekman | Father: Egbert-Jan Weeber | Sander(18): Gijs Blom | Sander(15): Daan Baggen | Sander(11): Cas Beekman | Sander(7): Tamas Lorch | Menno(15): Sil Bosch | Menno(12): Robin Welten | Menno(7): Luuk van Keulen | Menno(4): River Oosterink

Line Producer: Marty Keizer | Line Producer Ass’t: Ilse van Gelder | Production Ass't: Caroline van de Meer, Mirte Houwing | Script Editor Oak: Marielot van der Slikke | Motion Control Operator: Alex de Heus | Focus Puller: Nina Badoux | Data Handler: Tom Arkenhout | Sound on Set: Brandon Grotzinger | Construction Manager: Seab Deuling | Set Decorator: Nina Spiering | Props: Sophie van der Wel | First AD: Ysbrant Bakker | Location Scout: Bente Wigman | Location Manager: Stef Meijer | Gaffer: Chris Vingerhoets | Sparks: Stijn Ooms, Koen Zeegers | Dresser: Daphne Jonas | Make Up: Ass't Stefanie Hardenberg, Daphne Grin Michelle Maas | Catering: John Geers | Sup Sound Design: Mark Glynne | Sound Effects Editor: Hanza van der Veer | Post Production: Jack Kuiper, Joris van Seggelen | Color Grading: Remi Lindenhovius | VFX Supervisor: Luuk Meijer | Digital Compositing: Roy Hoes, Maria Peralta Ramos, Jorrit Schulte | Title Design: Sietse van den Broek | Production NTR: Marnieke Klarus | Editor NTR: Marina Blok | Producer: Oak Motion Pictures, Trent | Thanks To: Elmar Noteboom, Dorien van der Pas, Jeanine Hage, Miryam van Lier, Jan Pieter Ekker, Shariff Korver, Simone van Dusseldorp, Esther Bannenberg, Wiepjo Oosterhuis, Betty Post, Nancy Thomas, Eline de Boer, Florentine Schouwenburg, Carlo Pietramale, Charles McCough, Marijke Koster, Danyael Sugawara, Rataplan Wieringerwerf, Karen Flik and Bart, Visser Leolux, Antal Nemeth, Rosti Mepal , Brandweer den Oever, Kapsalon Knipsalamin, Rotterdams Radio Museum, Ruby Fire, Joost Speet, Co en Bea (van de schommelstoel), Bart Isings, Welkoop Wieringerwerf (voor Harry de goudvis), All Extras | Made With Support of: Kort! Media Fonds NL,  Film Fonds Cobo, | 2016 Oak Motion Pictures / NTR

About The Project

Growth is loosely inspired by my childhood, as I also grew up in and around a house that got expanded and where the family fell apart.

When I walk by the house now, all the memories of the events and emotions that I experiences there, that were so pivotal at the time, blend together - separated from time. The joy, pain, love, grief, the seasons and changing relations, all contained into a singular moment of awareness.

Growth is a silent criticism on the modern family life in a consumption based society. We always want more and bigger and never have enough.

But the more we work, and the more matter we accumulate around us, the more space it creates between us and our family.

Peculiar facts: In my family, I am the youngest brother. In the film, the actor who played the oldest version of the youngest brother was also named Sil.


I grew up on a street called Rijsakkerweg, the film location that we found was on a street called Akkerweg.

Three generations of the family that owned the location appear in the birthday scene.


Amongst the extras in the birthday scene also was a man who was born in the house, where he grew up with his 12 brothers and sisters. At the time, the house was shoe shop.



The production of Growth was a complex undertaking. The process is covered in this making of:

Edit & Voice Over: Sil van der Woerd