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Sil van der Woerd

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Sil van der Woerd

In his films, music videos and new media projects, Dutch native Sil van der Woerd combines exotic locations, stunning cinematography and visual effects to tell heartfelt stories about ecological, humanitarian and inspirited subjects.


Sil's recent works brought attention to topics like deforestation, overconsumption, global warming, and the plastic soup, and collected many awards & recognitions.


Sil studied Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands and Visual Effects in Hollywood. In 2019, Sil co-founded Studio Birthplace, a studio that focuses solely on ecological topics and a sustainable future for our planet.


1982 born in Tiel, Netherlands 2004 directs short film Duet 2005 graduates from ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design, Arnhem, Netherlands; directs short film SwimDuet and Swim featured on Youtube’s International homepage 2006 graduates from Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles 2007 directs music video Lolly Jane Blue - Worms 2008 directs 10-month student excellence program, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles 2009 directs music video Lolly Jane Blue - White Swan, Belgium 2010 creative director at Digital Domain, Los Angeles 2011 leaves behind Los Angeles advertising career to pursue autonomous work; directs 4-month student excellence program, St. Joost Academy, Netherlands 2012 directs music video Jane Blue & The Hunters - The Pagan, Scotland; co-directs short film Requiem 2019 with Rutger Hauer, Denmark; directs music video Noisia - Tommy's Theme; directs music video Skrillex & Boys Noize - Next Order; forms ideas to exclusively pursue soul-exploring, environmental and humanitarian projects

2016 directs music video Noisia - Mantra, Sicily; directs short film Growth 2017 co-directs* music video Novo Amor & Ed Tullett - Terraform, Indonesia 2018 co-directs* music video Oliver Spalding - Epoch, Malaysia; co-directs short film Drifters with Studio Drift; co-directs* Novo Amor - Birthplace, Indonesia; exhibits Drifters at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 2019 co-founds environmental and humanitarian focused Studio Birthplace with Jorik Dozy and Sean Lin; co-directs* music video Novo Amor - Sleepless/Repeat Until Death, Mongolia; wins best music video with Birthplace at Camerimage, Poland; exhibits Drifters at Amos Rex, Helsinki; exhibits Drifters at Mint Museum, Charlotte, USA; creative director at Park Village, London 2020 directs mobile game Birthplace 2021 co-directs* short film Wasteminster for Greenpeace UK; co-directs* short film and app Humanity’s Impact; directs short film Mirage, Scotland; exhibits Drifters at The Shed, New York  //  *with Jorik Dozy