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Jungle Heroes





An exciting mobile game in which you’ll restore the rainforest and bring back biodiversity. ​Meanwhile, the game gives back by supporting real world reforesting projects!

Now live in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands & the Philippines. Global launch expected 2022.

Mobile Game | Reforestation Campaign | Original Story | Produced Jan 20, 2020 - Present | Platforms IOS, Android | Colour | Surround Sound | Soft Launch August 11, 2020, Netherlands, Philippines IOS & Android App Stores | Global Premiere Expected 2022

Online Official Website | FacebookInstagram | Youtube

Featured Unity Blog 2022 | Unity For Humanity Summit 2020 | What Design Can Do

Featured Dutch Media Algemeen Dagblad | Android World NL | Business Insider | Coole SuggestiesDe Betere WereldDe GelderlanderDe StentorDuurzaam ThuisEvil GamerzGo Or No GoHet ParoolInnovate | Kids Newsweek | Mashable Benelux | New Scientist | Trouw | Wild Van Freek


Nomination Special Jury Award Jackson Wild 2021, Jackson, USA | Nomination Best Applied App Or Game Dutch Game Awards 2021, Hilversum, the Netherlands

Written & Directed by Sil van der Woerd | Produced by Birthplace B.V. Sil van der Woerd, Eduard Zanen, Little Chicken Game Company, Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta | Developed by Studio Birthplace, Little Chicken Game Company | Product Owner Joris van Leeuwen, Bas Roding | Developers Bas Roding, Joris van Leeuwen, Erik Kors, Michiel Frankfort, Ruben Hooijer | Art Director Rutger Stegenga | 2D Artists Isabella Koelman, Brenda van Vugt, Yannis Bolman, Rafaël Lie Kwie | 3D Artists Rutger Stegenga, Tobias van der Meer, Mia Boas, Seif Toktogoelov, Douwe Heijmerink | Animation Joris van Laar, Tim Smit | Playtest & QA Rick Heeren | Sound Design Nick van Kleef, Ruben Bergshoef | Researchers Bayu Topan, Ferry Hawari | Trailer Storyboard & Animatic Aimée de Jongh | Trailer VFX Sup Tim Smit | Trailer VFX Artists Tim smit, Sohaib Bouaiss | Character Model Metin Seven | Trailer Colorist Keidrych Wasley | Thanks To Jorik Dozy, Sean Lin, Ernest Zacharevic, Charlotte Pyatt, Family & Friends | All Rights Reserved 2021 Birthplace B.V., Studio Birthplace

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About The Project

The jungle is under attack! Replant the rainforest and bring back the animals in this fun strategy game that plants real trees!


Orang and his friends need your help to replant the jungle. ​The more trees that you plant, the more animals will return. Collect them all! Discover a restaurant and a temple. Build a raft, a watchtower and a rescue center. Chase away poachers and illegal loggers. Meet Stripes the tiger, Splash the elephant and the Forest People!


The best part? Jungle Heroes donates a part of the revenue to plant real trees! So while you're having fun we'll take care of the important work!

In this game the player learns of real world issues like deforestation and loss of wildlife, through fun and exciting gameplay. Meanwhile the game gives back by supporting real world projects with revenue that is made in the game.

The game opens with a sequence of a Orangutang and a Rhinoceros Hornbill that are brutally removed from their jungle homes. The characters find themselves on a commercial palm oil plantation;  a dire ecosystem void of life.

The characters meet a child and together they decide to remove the palm oil trees and plant rainforest trees to bring back the jungle.

As the rainforest expands, more and more animals return to the forest. Some with a unique power. Such as Stripes, a tiger who can chase away illegal loggers. Or Splash, an elephant who can soak up water and kill wildfires.

Around the planted trees, an ecosystem of wildlife and vegetation comes to life that produces beautiful visuals and relaxing jungle sounds.

Real World Link

Jungle Heroes supports real world reforestation projects with a portion of the revenue that is made in the game.

Learn more on the official website.