Oak Motion Pictures - Ident

2019 / 0:10 min

A hand drawn chow chow explores the extraterrestrial impact of Oak Motion Pictures.

Made by: Sil van der Woerd | Concept: Trent, Oak Motion Pictures | Sound Design: Kasper Koudenburg

Ident | Production: January 2017 - August 2018 | Technique: 2D & 3D Animation | 4096x804 | 16:9 | Black & White | Production Country: Netherlands | Premiere: October 12, 2018, Nederlands Film Festival

About The Project

I had been working with Amsterdam based production company Oak Motion Pictures for almost a decade when they told me about their idea for a new promo / ident.

They hoped to see a chow chow, an asteroid, a mailbox, an American house and their logo reveal in a graphic illustration style, all in 10 seconds.

The project was a fun exercise in combining hand drawn artwork and animations, and projecting them on 3D objects.

Every single stroke of fur of the chow chow is manually drawn every single frame that the dog appears on screen.