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Rutger Hauer

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Rutger Hauer, actor, legend, friend, passed away on July 19, 2019

Rutger and I met in LA, Milan, the Netherlands, Denmark and on Skype in the many outfits that he wore while waiting to go on set in so many more countries... And wherever we met, Rutger shared the most wonderful stories as the crew gathered around him like little children, listening in silence and in awe.

I will never forget the moment when we were writing our short film 'Requiem 2019', and Rutger was explaining to me what it is like, to come eye to eye with a whale. Rutger looked at me, like only he could, with his bright blue eyes. And his eyes lingered moment after moment, motionless, in silence... and then he slowly leaned forward and gave me a super slow motion hug.

I did came eye to eye with a whale in that moment, or at least with a being that was just as majestic. Undoubtedly, the whales have welcomed you amongst them, as you ascended to heaven. May you rest in peace besides them. You are our legend. You will be missed my friend. ♥︎

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