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The Pagan


Jane Blue & The Hunters


2012 / 3:16 min

Jane Blue defies inner struggle and Scottish nature.



Music Video | Filmed May 15 - 20, 2011 | Film Canon 5D Mark 3 | 1920x816 | 2:39 | Colour | Location Port Na Chroe, Skipness, Scotland | Premiere January 23, 2012, Youtube

Reach Vimeo 95K+

Directed by Sil van der Woerd | Dir. of Photography Keidrych Wasley | Jane Blue Anouk de Groot | Costume Design / Hair Djovrie Krus | Fixer Rupert James | Edit Wouter Nordsiek | Music “The Pagan” Performed by Anouk de Groot, Vitaliy Zavadskyy | Written by Anouk de Groot, Vitaliy Zavadskyy | Thanks To Rupert James, Elmar Noteboom | All Rights Reserved 2012 Anouk de Groot, Sil van der Woerd

About The Project

Upon completing Jane Blue's music videos Worms and White Swan, I longer for a break from the heavy visual effects productions and from sitting in front of a computer all day.


We set out to Scotland to film a couple of smaller music videos and visuals for her 2012 Dutch Theater Tour.

Rather than being in a green screen stage, it was a blessing to be in a different kind of green for a change, and let nature fill our canvas.

We rented a Scottish cabin in a forest by the sea and simply filmed around the house for a couple of days.


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