Naga DDB Tribal - Christmas Message

2018 / 2:58 min

A girl reminisces about her days growing up in the remote plains of Mongolia, where reindeer and human families coexisted in harmony, and the land was untouched by climate change.

Christmas Message | Promo | Online Campaign | Original Story | Documentary | Drama | Filmed: November 20 - December 8, 2018 | Film: Red Gemini | 4096x1716 | 2:39 | Colour | Location: Ulaanbaatar, Taiga, Mongolia | Premiere: December 21, 2018, Youtube


Online: Youtube | Vimeo

Written & Directed by: Jorik Dozy, Sil van der Woerd | Producer: Sean Lin, New Frontier Pictures | Cinematographer: Nicholas Chin

Grown Up Daughter: Oyundelger Shinebayar | Tsataan Family Scene: Father: Altai Purevjav | Mother: Saruul Buyanogtokh | Young Daughter: Enkhrii Altai | Tstaan Woman, As Herself: Buyantogtokh Sandag

Line Production Company: Horizon Quest LLC | Line Producer: Byambadorj Altankhuyag | Line Co-Producer: Miyegombo Alexande | Production Coordinator: Bujinlkham Myagmarjav | Cook: Ankhbayar Borkhuu | Driver: Sansar Khaisvai, Lkhagvadorj Lodonsharav | Edit: Nicholas Chin | Colorist: Nicholas Chin | AC / BTS: Skaiste Kazragyte | Sound Design: Nicholas Chin | Music: 'Rae' by Kevin Graham | Client: Naga DDB Tribal, ​Malaysia

About The Project

Indigenous cultures are amongst the first to pay the price of climate change, often pushing them to the brink of extinction. This crisis is directly linked to our consumer culture.

This short film was produced for Malaysian agency Naga DDB, and their Endangered Humanity campaign, which set out to offer insight in how climate change is affecting indigenous cultures even in the furthest corner of the world.

It also brings attention to how climate change is affecting Malaysians. By 2030, 25% of Malaysia’s population will be displaced thanks to climate change.

The Endangered Humanity campaign also looks at the simple daily decisions that we make that brought us to this reality and how we can reverse that. From choosing to turn the lights off, to walk instead of choosing a 5-minute drive, to the food that we choose to consume.

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