Lolly Jane Blue - Worms

2007 / 4:32 min

Lolly Jane Blue travels her way down the earth layers, in search of her roots.

Music Video | Original Story | Filmed: Autumn 2006 | Film: SD | 1024x576 | 16:9 | Colour | Location: Arnhem, the Netherlands | Premiere: October 4, 2007, Youtube

Online: Youtube | Vimeo


Featured: Gnomon Workshop

Written & Directed by: Sil van der Woerd

Lolly Jane Blue: Anouk de Groot

Edit: Sil van der Woerd, Wouter Nordsiek | Costume / Hair: Djovrie Krus | Singer Songwriter: Lolly Jane Blue | Music Composer: Tim Meijer | Underwater Camera: Sander & Heleen, Wethorse, Gerard van der Heijden | Set Construction: Sil van der Woerd, Peter von Bartheld, Marie-Louise Rijksen | Underwater Crowd: Shailesh, Huub, Witte, Joppe, Babet, Doris, Eva, Hilde, Julie, Maro, Naique, Jefta, Nienke, Sabine, Simone | Runners: Jelle van der Woerd, Judith Naber, Elmar Noteboom, Marlies Weeting | Thanks To: Omra, Yvonne Zijp, Floris Kaayk, Satya Roosens, Jouke Mellema, Studio HKA, Dave Refoealoe

About The Project

Worms was the first music video that I ever made, and the first of several that I did for singer Lolly Jane Blue (Anouk de Groot). Anouk and I had been classmates at the Academy of Art and Design, and when I was studying visual effects at Gnomon, School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, Anouk asked me to make a video for her song Worms.

It was a great timing, because I was looking to put my new learned skills in visual effects to the test.

The result is a visual effects heavy music video that is jam packed with ideas. I think that as a filmmaker I had to go through this process of getting these early ideas and fascinations out of my system.

Worms turned out to be one of those 'filmschool that I never attended' projects where I just learned by doing and through having fun.

The joy in a super low budget project like this was that I had to be very creative. This resulted in a dress made of paper and another one from plastic that cost less than a dollar in materials.

I did the underwater shoot in the swimming pool where I spent much of my childhood and where my my father was a lifeguard.

I spent about a year creating the visual effects for Worms which I did all by myself. Obviously this wasn't sustainable, so I started to look for visual effects artists who could help me in my following projects.



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